Rush Realty Agent Pillars Part 1: Mission

At Rush Realty, our mission is built on knowing our agents and tailoring their careers to ensure the greatest potential for long-term and larger success. Our agents are focused, driven and passionate about their careers. Our company takes great pride in supporting our agents to help them be their best.

Knowing and Understanding Our Agents

Our agents aren’t treated like numbers. We believe in providing the technological and personal support they need to be successful. We are a kind team of professionals who are always looking for ways to improve our process and become better at what we do.  

“Many organizations are attached to the tools that brought them certain outcomes; at Rush Realty this is not the case,” says Rush Realty agent, Bert Ferguson. “Based on tried and true data, we are able to adapt to emerging and shifting markets. Agents are always up-to-date on tools, articles, local updates, and more to ensure that we are going to be the best agents of the 21st-century. The attention to detail and in-house websites and dashboards give each agent the ability to grow inside of the organization while also developing their personal brand. This is almost impossible and many other real estate for organizations.”

A great deal of time and effort goes into determining the tools and resources our team uses. We believe in knowing our agents to train and nurture their efforts so they can reach their goals. 

Actively Invested Careers

We are always invested in our agent’s long-term career goals. We enjoy learning what our agents excel at and help identify the areas where they would like to grow. This process makes everyone better. 

Jack Tisher, a Rush Realty agent says, “Rush Realty streamlines the process so agents can focus on what really matters; client follow up, showings, and negotiating. The agent boot camp will give you the mindset and training you need for a successful business. The friendly atmosphere in combination with the experience shared between the agents helps answer any questions an agent may have.”

While many brokerages have a revolving door with agents constantly coming and going, we believe in fostering talent and helping our agents reach their full potential. We understand that Rush Realty doesn’t exist without our incredible agents and it is our mission to prove that every single day.

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